We believe that financial barriers are just part of the equation for many students. In addition to full-tuition college scholarships, Rockford Promise also supports our Scholars with individual mentors who help guide Scholars through their academic journey.

Rockford Promise mentors help Scholars reach graduation.

For our Scholars, many of whom are first-generation college students, a dedicated mentor is an invaluable resource. Scholars are matched with mentors in their desired field. Over their course of study, Scholars form meaningful relationships with their mentors that carry even beyond graduation. The robust mentorship component of Rockford Promise is a major contributor to our high degree completion rates.

Rockford Promise needs mentors in a wide variety of careers and professions to pair with our Scholars. We ask that Rockford Promise mentors be willing to commit to:

  • Attending mentor training sessions and meetings
  • Be  an advocate for Scholars and the Rockford Promise program
  • Devote a minimum of two contacts per month while school is in session and one contact during summer breaks with assigned Promise Scholar(s). Contacts can be as simple as a text or email
  • Guide Scholar(s) in developing a network of business contacts and possible internship opportunities
  • Conduct an in-person informational interview with Scholar
  • Complete Rockford Promise correspondence and reports on a timely basis