Rockford Promise rang in the New Year by launching our first-ever, universal application

Since 2007, Rockford Promise has been awarding college scholarships to Rockford Public School students. We went from a few partial scholarships in 2007, to 2023, sending over 150 local students to college, tuition-free. Rockford Promise continues to grow, forging new partnerships in the community to support Scholars as they work toward their degree or certification and prepare for their eventual career. Rockford Promise is dedicated to removing financial barriers for students, increasing educational opportunities, and building a strong, educated workforce for our community, which will in turn benefit the entire Rockford area.

As RPS205 seniors head back to school after winter break, they are not only working hard in their studies but also trying to wrap up college applications, complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), fill out as many scholarship applications as they can, all while trying to enjoy every moment of their last semester of high school… Recognizing the demanding schedules of our applicants, Rockford Promise has consolidated and simplified our application.

For the first time, students can fill out one application – whether they are interested in one of our collegiate partners, or all three! Instead of separate forms, students will now have the option to rank their preferred schools. 

What Will It Look Like?

When applicants arrive at the “Scholarship Selection” section of the application, they will select their preference for each school from a drop-down menu: First through Third Choice or “Not interested in this college”. This circumvents the need for students to submit their information multiple times while allowing Rockford Promise to gather more important information about student preferences. Screencap of the "Scholarship Selection" section of the 2024 Rockford Promise Application.

Application Preparation

What will a student need in order to complete their Rockford Promise Scholarship Application

Complete Application to Preferred College(s)
Northern Illinois University, Rockford University, and/or Rock Valley College

Save Proof of College Application as a File (png, jpg, jpeg, pdf, tiff, tif)
Submission Confirmation Email or Acceptance Letter

Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Click Here to Complete your FAFSA

Save Proof of FAFSA Submission as a File (png, jpg, jpeg, pdf, tiff, tif)
Confirmation Email or Submission Summary

Share your FAFSA with Preferred College(s)

Know your GPA
Unweighted: Rockford University or Rock Valley College
Weighted: Northern Illinois University

Help is Here

This college season has brought unprecedented challenges, as well as opportunities for innovation. FAFSA delays have touched almost everyone involved with secondary education, and Rockford Promise was not exempt. We understand that an abbreviated application window doesn’t leave as much time as in years past, but it is because of this that we are committed to providing the best application support possible. 

If you or your student have questions or concerns, please reach out! 

You can call our main line at 815-627-0491, complete a contact form at this link, or reach out to me directly at

Happy New Year, and happy applying!