ROCKFORD – Today, Rockford Promise announced its partnership with the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois (CFNIL). Rockford Promise received a $173,000 donation from CFNIL fully-funding the 2021 cohort of Rockford Promise Scholars attending Rock Valley College. CFNIL also is supporting Scholar success by helping underwrite programs, recruit mentors, provide training, and more in support of Rockford Promise.

CFNIL’s partnership and donation funded the unmet need of 16 Rockford Promise Rock Valley College Scholars in the amount of $4,000 per student per year, totaling $64,000 per year for two years. CFNIL also funded Scholar Support to work with Rock Valley College scholars in the amount of $45,000. CFNIL’s total donation to Rockford Promise 2021 cohort of Rock Valley College Scholars equaled $173,000, which has opened doors of opportunity. This partnership is part of a greater focus on coalition-building and collaboration to help raise awareness and support the educational aspirations of students in our region.

The partnership between CFNIL and Rockford Promise, while relatively new, aligns to the CFNIL’s Education Works strategic goals. In order to fulfill the ultimate goal of successful degree completition, CFNIL also helped to fund wrap-around services and Scholar support. Rockford Promise is unique among Promise programs throughout the nation in its robust Scholar support, which has positively impacted Scholar graduation rates. Included in Scholar support are robust community mentorships, strong academic advising, and meaningful social and peer connections. These efforts have closed the achievement gaps for first generation, low income, and minority Scholars attending college.

Rockford Promise sees this as a powerful example of non-profit collaboration and alignment.

“When everyone gets involved, there’s more buy-in and accountability to meet the goals of the community, and make real, long-lasting change,” said Dr. Tasha Davis, Executive Director of Rockford Promise. “Rockford Promise’s growth and success is a result of a coalition of engaged bright minds, a pool of resources, the building of credibitilty, and a unified focus from our volunteers, donors, higher education partners and RPS 205.”

Both organizations hope this is the beginning of engaging other donors and partners with the goal of making Rockford Promise a fully-funded Promise program.

“The Community Foundation has always had a focus on education, and believes it to have a potentially transformative impact on individual lives and region’s long-term potential,” shared Dan Ross, President of CFNIL. “We’re proud to be contributing in multiple ways to Rockford Promise, and are excited about the future we can unlock.”

The partnership will officially be announced at Rockford Promise’s annual fundraising event, Raise the Roof 2021, on Saturday, Sept. 18, at Starlight Theatre on the Rock Valley College campus.

Please contact Dr. Tasha Davis for interview opportunities with Rockford Promise officials and scholars: 630-429-6143.