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A Big Promise For The Future

Rockford Promise sent 10 Rockford Public School graduates to college this fall, tuition free. In a few years, we will fund an entire high school class and, ultimately, the whole district. Imagine telling your business contact in another town that anyone who graduates from your local public high schools can go to college for free.…

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My View: Rockford Promise can transform our community

Rockford Promise sent 10 Rockford Public School graduates to college this fall tuition free. Next year we want to send 20. In a few years we will fund an entire high school class, and one day with the help of the community, all the children who graduate from Rockford Public Schools. Our energy is growing…

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Clark Legacy Foundation donates $25K to Rockford Promise

The Clark Legacy Foundation recently donated $25,000 to support Rockford Promise. The proceeds will be utilized to support the mission of Rockford Promise: send Rockford Public Schools graduates to college and eliminate any financial barriers that accompany post-secondary education. One 2018 Rockford Public Schools graduate will be named the Clark Legacy Foundation Promise Scholar and…

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Make Rockford Promise Our Top Priority

Rockford Promise. It’s a local scholarship program. It’s been going on for a while now. It’s growing. Too slowly. Way too slowly. I’ve been promoting it in columns since 2012. But it still hasn’t gained widespread traction here. This year, 10 full-ride scholarships were awarded April 27 to low income students from Midtown on the…


Education Matters: Rockford Promise Scholarship Program

Rockford Promise is a scholarship program modeled after one in Michigan that pays for education after high school. The program covers nearly all students and has shown measurable success, including: higher GPAs, better graduation rates, and lower teen crime. Supporters believe focusing on education is key to making a difference in our community. Erica Bibalou…


Rockford Promise delivers life-changing college scholarships

The math-savvy daughter of refugees from war-torn Congo. An aspiring businesswoman raised by her grandparents. The oldest child of Mexican immigrants who wants to become a nurse. A young woman determined to find new discoveries in cancer research. The recipients of this year’s Rockford Promise scholarships represent the dreams of young people across the Rock…