Welcome back Alondra and Cole!

June and July were big months as Rockford Promise ramps up its staffing to meet the rapidly growing number of Scholars going to Rockford University, Rock Valley College and Northern Illinois University.

On June 29, Alondra Torres rejoined the team. Alondra is a 2016 Rockford Promise Scholar who graduated from Rockford University.  In 2020-2021, Alondra joined our staff as a scholar/mentor Coordinator and expanded support services to our Scholars. Alondra then moved to Chicago to pursue her masters at the University of Illinois- Chicago. She is back with Rockford Promise and is serving as a part-time, remote executive and mentoring assistant to provide support to our core programming initiatives.

Cole Bathje is an Augustana grad and a long-time supporter of Rockford Promise. In 2018, as part of his East High School senior year capstone project, Cole raised funds to provide a Rockford Promise scholarship to RVC! It was his work that started the Miles Nielsen fundraising concerts at Memorial Hall. Cole is joining Rockford Promise as our community engagement manager and will be working within RPS 205 to expand awareness of RP scholarship opportunities to RPS205 students and their families.